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Importance of Staying Fit for Seniors

Importance of Staying Fit for Seniors

As time passes, it’s not uncommon for individuals to become less active. However, moving your body can be critical for maintaining your health as you get older. Continue reading to learn about the importance of staying active in your senior years.

Preventing Back Problems

The muscles in your core, back, and upper legs play a significant role in supporting your spine. Unfortunately, it’s common for older individuals to experience a change in their body composition that results in more fat and less muscle. For this reason, remaining active and participating in strength training exercise be important for helping you maintain muscle mass and give your spine the support it needs.

Avoiding Weight Gain

Your metabolism can slow with every year that passes, and the muscle mass that you lose as you age can contribute to this decline. Metabolism refers to the rate at which the body converts calories into energy, and a slower metabolism can lead to reduced caloric needs. When your body’s metabolism and caloric needs drop, you may find it more difficult to prevent excess weight gain. Obesity is linked to health complications like high blood pressure, diabetes, cancer, and heart disease, so combining regular exercise with a healthy diet can be key for avoiding weight gain and supporting your health as a senior.

Promoting Mental Wellness

While you may already know that regular exercise is an essential part of maintaining your physical health, did you know that keeping active can be good for your mind, as well? Research has shown that exercise can help prevent depression, relieve stress, and support self-confidence, giving you several more reasons to remain active as you age.

Franklin United Methodist Community offers independent living in Franklin, IN for adults age 62 and better. To learn about the steps they’ve taken to help senior residents stay active, call (317) 736-7185 today.

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