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Landlord-Tenant Laws | What Are Your Renting Rights?

The landlord-tenant relationship can be difficult at times. Some landlords might think that their tenants aren’t treating the property well, while tenants often think that landlords aren’t providing prompt maintenance services. It’s always important to understand your legal rights before signing a lease agreement. If you ever do encounter legal problems, talk to a lawyer who handles landlord/tenant cases.

Raising the Rent

Rent increases can be a major source of ill will in the landlord-tenant relationship. Landlords need to increase the rent periodically to keep up with rising property taxes and maintenance expenses, but there are laws governing this action. Tenants have the right to at least 30 days of notice before a rent increase goes into effect—unless the lease agreement specifies a different time period.

Charging a Security Deposit

In Indiana, there is no legal maximum for the security deposit a landlord may require. However, the law does require landlords to return security deposits within 45 days after the tenant moves out. Some city and county laws may affect how much a landlord can legally require for a security deposit, so consider checking with a lawyer if you think your rights have been violated.

Charging Late Fees

Rent laws in Indiana are vague regarding late fees. Keep in mind, however, that a landlord can only charge a late fee for past due rent if that fee is specified in the lease agreement.

Evicting a Tenant

Indiana law takes a harsh approach to nonpayment of rent. Tenants who fail to pay their rent on time will only have 10 days before the landlord is permitted to send a notice. If the tenant does not pay or move, the landlord can then file for eviction.

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