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Silence is Golden: Why You Should Speak To Your Lawyer before The Police

The outcome of your criminal charge can define your entire future. Every aspect of your life including your social life, family, work, education, etc. can be seriously affected by criminal charges. In fact, this may possibly hinder you from starting a career in a reputable field.

However, you can avoid any complications by first speaking to your lawyer, once you are under a police investigation. In this post, we will be taking a look at some of the reasons why you should speak to your lawyer before the police.

Talking to the police cannot help you

Have you seen anyone talk their way out of an arrest? The fact that you have been called up for questioning means that the police believe that you have committed a crime. The officers only want to get you to talk to gather more evidence. You won’t gain anything from talking to the police. In the end, it will only make your case more complex.

Increased chances of misstatement

You may even be innocent but end up making a misstatement when speaking to the police. This will make them think you are guilty. Once the police discovers that you have denied any obvious fact, everything you have told them will be considered lies. At the end of the day, the misstatement you made will be used to shred your credibility at trial.

Your story can be twisted

Can you tell the same story multiple times without adding or subtracting? It is in human nature to forget things. Telling the same story multiple times may be extremely difficult. It is possible for you to forget what you just said, or even remember things that weren't mentioned the first time. Even though you may be innocent, tiny discrepancies like these can make your overall credibility come under scrutiny.

Police cannot offer you any deal

Lastly, the police are only lying to you when they say “Tell us what happened, and we will be easy on you”. Only the office of the district attorney can offer you a legitimate deal. Why then should you bother speaking to them since they are not in any position to offer you a deal?

There you have it! The above are some of the reasons why you should speak to your lawyer before the police. Are you under an investigation by the police? Have you been charged with a criminal offense? Do not panic. Turn to Alsip Law Office to handle your criminal case.

Always remember, silence is golden. Attempting to navigate a complex criminal, legal issue without the proper guidance from a knowledgeable legal expert, may get you convicted. Get in touch with Alsip Law Office today. We are a top rated Criminal Defense Attorney known to offer strong legal representation and outstanding services.

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