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To Conceal or Not To Conceal

In most states across the US, you cannot carry a gun unless you have the necessary paperwork that allows you a concealed carry permit. Each state has their own application process. However, the criteria to qualify for a permit is the same nationwide. We will tell you how you can apply for a permit in the state of Indiana, how much it would cost, and what your permit will cover.

First, you must qualify

Before your application can be reviewed by the Indiana State Police, you must meet stringent “fit and proper person” qualification criteria. The preliminary qualifications are:

You must be a US citizen.

You must have a good reputation in the eyes of the court.

You must have a reason to carry a gun.

You must be a “proper” person.

Next, you will need to prove that you are a “proper person” to carry a concealed weapon. You should meet following criteria to be considered a “proper person”:

You must not have any court orders against you.

You should not have documented evidence that proves you are violent or emotionally unstable.

You should not have criminal charges against you.

You should be mentally competent.

You must be 18 years old or older.

Once you meet the criteria, you are free to apply for a concealed weapon permit in Indiana. You can begin your application process online and it will be reviewed by the Indiana Police Department.

The permit

An individual may apply for a four year or lifetime concealed carry permit. Local and state fees apply.

The following are the fees in Indiana as of March 11, 2016:

Four Year Personal Protection Permit: $10 local fee, $30 state fee

Lifetime Personal Protection with No Current License: $50 local fee, $75 state fee

Lifetime Personal Protection with Current Permit: $40 local fee, $60 state fee

Retired law enforcement and correction officers are exempt from local and state fees.

What does my permit cover?

A concealed carry permit in Indiana allows an individual to carry firearms that are legally used for personal protection. A permit will be void if an individual is found in possession of illegal weapons.

For more information please contact Alsip Law Offices in Franklin, Indiana.

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