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What Are the Signs of Breast Cancer?

Signs of Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is a life-threatening condition that affects hundreds of thousands of women every year. The good news is that early detection can boost treatment success, and there are a number of symptoms to watch for. Continue reading for a brief overview of the most common signs of breast cancer.

Breast Lump

A lump in the breast tissue is one of the most common symptoms of breast cancer. Lumps may be located in any area of the breast, including near the nipple or in the armpit. A breast lump may not be distinct or circular—instead, it may simply feel thicker than the surrounding tissue.

Breast Changes

Changes in the size or shape of a breast may be a sign of cancer. If one of your breasts appears to be smaller or larger than normal, this may be indicative of cancer. You may notice that your breasts appear to be asymmetrical when they were not before, or that your bra no longer fits correctly. Other breast changes, such as unexplained tenderness, may also be a sign of breast cancer.

Skin Changes

If you notice that the skin on your breast appears different than it did before, schedule an appointment with your doctor. Common skin changes associated with breast cancer include enlarged pores, skin dimpling, and changes in texture that make the skin appear scaly or pitted.

Nipple Changes

Breast cancer can cause changes to the nipple, including inversion, changes to the skin of the areola, and swelling. Nipple discharge is another symptom of breast cancer, especially if the discharge is clear or bloody.

In addition to checking your breasts at home each month for signs of cancer, it is important to schedule breast exams and mammograms as recommended by your doctor. Johnson Memorial Health in Franklin, IN, offers comprehensive breast care services, including breast ultrasound and breast biopsy. To learn more or to schedule an appointment, please call (317) 736-3361.

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