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Trend: 10 Minimalist Bedroom Décor Tips

Minimalism isn’t about socioeconomic status—it’s about getting back to the basics, striving for simplicity, de-cluttering, maximizing space, and, most important of all, being unique.

Here are 15 ways to achieve this exciting, vibrant style:

Think “softer” and “comfortably serene”

In a world where loud, flashy colors and patterns aggressively compete for attention, minimalism says white, black, gray, and soft blues and greens are more than adequate.

Use shape & symmetry artistically

With a rectangular bed taking center stage, an oblong night table beside it, a heart-shaped, hand-woven, over-the-bed piece of artwork, and a lanky, ceiling-reaching lamp in the corner, minimalism offers geometrically-pleasant possibilities.

Bring in the outdoors

This entails leaving windows bare or merely using sheer curtains; you can also include a plant or two or three, but they must blend in flawlessly.

Be “singularly” stylish rather than over-crowded with garish and ornaments

Rather than a series of things, stick to one choice:

  • one antique dresser/chair
  • one sculpted mirror
  • one non-presumptuous bedside table
  • one sheepskin rug
  • one practical plant stand

Vie for simple hardwood, linoleum floors

A flat-woven rug or fur for cold mornings will add a simple touch of comfort.

Bring in some warmth

This can include a wood headboard, chest, bench, or bookcase; put up a hanging plant; arrange furniture so that the attention is turned toward a beautiful view of the outdoors.

Paint it white

Other styles say that white is too plain but minimalism says otherwise. It’s the perfect backdrop for black and other “contrast” colors.

Be subtle & sedate with textures

Instead of ornate-patterned, fancy textures, opt for solid shades and simple stripes; you can also consider steel pipes, exposed-brick walls, etc., for that raw, industrial look.

Get the right type of furniture

For this style, platform and metal bed-frame/box-spring beds are in. They are low to the ground, can fit different budgets, and fit the "simplistic" approach. The next important piece of furniture is the nightstand or bedside table. The third item is a dresser and/or chest.

Find a furniture store that caters to minimalism

Not all furniture stores are up for the challenge but, when you find one, make it your one-stop hub.

The great thing about minimalist bedroom decor is that it’s apropos, in-fashion, affordable and stylish—more importantly, it can be re-defined according to your own whims, needs and artistic expression.

Check out Martin Fine Furniture to find the right pieces for your home.

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